Thursday, October 27, 2011

Luna and Larry's

Dark Chocolate Coconut Bliss, is oh so Divine. This is not your everyday dairy alternative ice cream, this is the shtuff (excuse my language). I have been having a hard time finding ice cream that is dairy,gluten,& soy free, but look no further I found my new friends Luna and Larry. Their coconut milk based ice cream is phenomenal and super creamy. I used to try different ice creams made of rice, or almond, or just a sorbet, but it wasn't comparable to the ice cream I was accustomed to. This is just the alternative I needed and they come in all sorts of other flavors if dark chocolate is not your thing. Price point is a little high so I wait till this goes on sale, or I just buy it and hide it in the freezer under a bag or two of frozen peas.... no kids or husband will look there :).

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