Sunday, October 9, 2011

Teeth Paste!

I chose to rename it teeth paste, since I have more than one tooth (all jokes aside); If you are looking for a great flavored, fluoride free non-toxic toothpaste, this is one of my favorite brands. The cool mint is a minty vanilla flavor and does not contain anything that will kill a small child if swallowed. The price point on this is about a buck more than regular toothpaste at a grocery store. I first tried this at my dentist office and the health food store carries it as well. Don't believe for one minute that fluoride is needed to keep teeth healthy; in fact the opposite is scientifically proven to be true. Fluoride is a heavy duty poison that can cause a variety of illnesses including death in humans and dental fluorosis (browning of the teeth see photo below.) How much can kill or damage your heart? Research says a half a tube of toothpaste can kill a child.  I am not one to press the issue to others, but it's something to think about. Pull out your tube of toothpaste at home and read the warning label it says to contact poison control if swallowed. Almost all off the shelf mainstream toothpaste also contains saccharin which has been known to cause various cancers. You may not have small children, but wouldn't you wonder how many years of putting it in your mouth is too much? Do beware though, products containing Xylitol can kill dogs if you have any.

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