Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wonderful Gluten Free Meyer Lemon Tart

This Gluten Free Meyer Lemon Tart by Hail Merry is so yummy, it will take you to another dimension with its mouth watering goodness. I occasionally look for new and different treats to have after lunch when I am at the local health food store. I truly love this little tart, it's full of high quality ingredients like super healthy coconut oil and sweetened with a little organic agave. The crust of this tart is made of crushed up cashews, shredded coconut, coconut butter, yum! Below is the ingredient list I took from their site. They are kind of expensive, but well worth the indulgence once in awhile. Now that I think of it, some people pay almost $5 bucks for a coffee everyday at Starbucks, and I'd much rather have spent it on this. The price point varies, but they were on sale at our health food store for $3.50 this week.

Ingredients: almond flour, organic raw blue agave, fresh lemon juice, organic cold pressed coconut oil, raw cashews, organic cold pressed coconut butter, organic palm sugar, organic shredded coconut, lemon juice powder, lemon zest, sea salt.

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