Saturday, October 8, 2011

You Better Blue Leave It!

So as many of you know, I have the cutest, sweetest, smartest, stoutest, little-big Boston Bulldog ever. Ok so maybe I am a little biased; what mother isn't? Though I have two human bi-pedal children I also love my fur kid as one of my own, so it's important to me to feed him like I would my kids! No, I don't feed my kids dog food, but if I did, they would eat Blue Buffalo. When I first adopted my little Bean he was 10 months old, had itchy skin, shedding, digestive issues & ear problems. It was clear to me that something had to be done. He was on Diamond lamb and rice before we got him, and I decided to slowly try new sources of protein to treat his issues. I slowly switched him to a duck and potato food but he got a horrible case of diarrhea, then tried all protein and no grain which was also by Diamond called Taste of the Wild, same effect though. So I finally found Blue Buffalo at the local pet store and put him on their lamb and brown rice formula, since it was the same protein source as before, but a better quality of food. He right away took to it and seemed to be easing off the diarrhea he got from the other foods. That has been a year and a half ago and his coat looks shiny and healthy and he no longer has bouts of diarrhea or ear problems. I like that the product has cold formed vitamins (and doesn't render them ineffective by heating them to a high temp). This product gets 4/5 stars, I would give it another star, but I do wish they would use another higher quality oil besides canola (rapeseed) in their blend; since there have been controversies over rapeseed being harmful to both animals and humans. Face it, I am a working mother of 5 (2 humanoid children, 2 fur kids, 1 husband) I do not have time to make my own pet food as some have suggested, I barely have enough time to feed myself. We do supplement with raw lamb meat seared on each side and raw, uncooked bones, when they are on sale. Raw bones do not splinter like cooked ones do. If you are afraid to give your pets raw meat due to parasites, freeze the meat and then give it to your pup as a pupsicle. Freezing kills any of those things that your mother warned you about as a kid.


Anonymous said...

Do u get, this at stayton animal supply? N hw much my bean is also a fur beast lol

angieb123 said...

It is $47 for a 30 pound bag, which is expensive, but we couldn't find anything that made him feel ok. The 30 pound bag lasts about 2 months if we feed him his 2 cups a day. So for $23.50 a month he can eat well. We spend more on wet cat food than we do on dog food. It can be bought at Stayton Vet Supply and at any Petco or Petsmart.