Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gluten Free Nut Thins

I have said before that I could eat small amounts of gluten without feeling ill, but over do it and I get sick. I went on an elimination diet to try and figure out what was plaguing me and one of the things I missed was salty and crunchy snacks. I missed cheeses too :(. So when I was able to go off of the elimination diet I tried Blue Diamond Nut-Thins as they are gluten free. They go great with hummus, smoked salmon and cream cheese, and all those fancy cheese spreads. For awhile there I would buy a box and get a package of hard salami and have enough for two lunch sized snacks, unless I took them home and the kids and husband devoured them in less than five seconds flat. My favorite flavor is the cheddar or ranch. Right now Amazon has a great deal on a package of 12 boxes. I give this product the 5 star rating.

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