Sunday, March 11, 2012

Equitas Organic Coffee

Equitas Organic French Roast Decaf SWP

For those of you who know me, I have gave up drinking coffee awhile ago. Why anyone who knew me tolerated me sans coffee, is a mystery to this day. I was moody, angry, tired and feeling overwhelmed. After being completely off the stuff for several months I felt better and didn't miss those sleepless nights I had been having before, but I still craved the taste of it; after all I have been drinking coffee since I was 6. Yes I know what you are thinking! What kind of parent gives their 6 year old coffee? Well my lovely mom was a busy woman with 3 kids.... anytime she had her back turned, I'd sneak off with her brew and ever so carefully replace a nearly half empty cup back onto the kitchen counter. I don't think she noticed either. Well I started thinking, would it be bad to start back just drinking decaf or would that become a gateway drug into drinking full blown caffeinated coffee again? I decided to give decaf a try. It was really important that I found one that wasn't bitter and was fair trade. Nothing like giving people who harvest our coffee a fair price for all their hard work and effort. I am not just going to support big box names like STARBUCKS, so I went out looking to help the little guys. Equitas Coffee is shade grown and fair trade. It comes from Central America and is certified organic, which is important, because coffee is an expensive commodity and is usually heavily doused with pesticides. Decaf coffee although, does contain a minimal amount of caffeine in case you were wondering. Drinking 6 cups decaf is equivalent to drinking 1 cup regular. I usually drink no more than 2 cups and I am done. I will tell you that there are certain health benefits associated with coffee, but make sure it is organic shade grown if you want to take advantage of those benefits. Also if you are planning on losing weight it is best to cut the caffeine. I give this coffee a bold 5 stars and hope you have the time to look at some of the key health benefits to organically grown coffee, and remember most of coffee's pitfalls are associated with it's caffeine content.

Key Benefits Include:

Parkinson’s Disease – Studies from Saaksjarvi et. al show that drinking coffee may reduce the risk of developing Parkinson’s Disease.

Type 2 Diabetes – Other studies show that coffee consumption make protect us against type 2 diabetes.

Liver, Gallstones & Kidney Stones – There is a small amount of evidence that coffee may also protect us against cirrhosis of the liver, gallstones, kidney stones.

Cognitive Function – Caffeine is a stimulate. Drinking coffee has been shown to increase mental attention in the short term. Some have even suggested that by drinking coffee, we can better cognitive function.

Alzheimer’s Disease – Some studies show that habitual coffee drinking may protect us against developing Alzheimer’s disease later in life.

Antioxidants-Organic Coffee is full of antioxidants which help reduce oxidation, cell damage, and aging.


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