Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Got a sweet tooth, but you're trying to battle the bulge?

So this last year has been hectic, sorry I haven't had much time to post. I have lost 80 pounds in the last 10 months  and I thought I'd share one of my secrets. I have gone to a more paleo lifestyle and have changed my diet completely. No more grains and no more sugar (well no more refined sugars). One of the things I missed the most though was my yummy, froo froo sugared up coffee's. I can no longer do the sugar though, so what's a girl to do when she still has the sweet tooth, but doesn't want a big butt anymore? I was in my local health food store when I came across NuNaturals Liquid Stevia with Singing Dog Vanilla. I thought to myself, wow this stuff might be good, it was a little more than I would like to pay, but I thought I'd give it a shot, after all I really missed my coffee. So I bought it and brought it home and squirted a whole dropper full into one of my coffee shop breve's, and wow it was sweet. I think adding 5-7 drops is enough. I was absolutely shocked how good it was, how can something so yummy not make you gain weight? I decided to take this one step further and mix it into a batch of my low carb coconut flour muffins. It took quite a bit more to sweeten up the muffin batter, but the results were amazing. This is hands down the best alternative to sugar as there are no ill effects like weight gain, sugar crash, or toxic side effects that are linked to artificial sweeteners. I also use it with a little cream in my vanilla rooibos tea (if you are cutting back on caffeine intake) that is a yummy alternative to coffee. It can also be used in a home brewed chai tea. So if you are wanting to cut carbs, sugar, and your gut, use this as an alternative to sugars and artificial sweeteners. NuNaturals also makes an alcohol free version, but hey, I don't mind a little trace alcohol in my morning coffee. Don't let the price scare you, only very little is needed to sweeten up beverages and one bottle lasts me 2 months or more and that is with every day use. Hope this helps on your quest to be sugar free! It can be purchased at Fred Meyer's, Kroger's, Amazon and Health food stores in your area.