Friday, November 18, 2011

Needing a Miracle??

Looking for a sweet treat that is raw, vegan & chocolate? I found one that you have to try. I had previously wrote about the Lemon Tart by Hail Merry, but recently tried their Merry's Miracle Chocolate Tart. It was super rich and delectable, so rich I could only eat half, and I had to save the rest for later. It was not a divine taste at all, it was more like a naughty, guilty, pleasure-loving, smooth fudge, with a yummy crust.  I am excited to see what Hail Merry will come out with next, right now they are offering a $5 dollar off coupon as well. Another 5 star review for Hail Merry!


hairdresseronfire said...

Sounds yummy! Where can you buy it??

Angie's Natural Product Reviews said...

Locally you can buy it at Lifesource in the refrigerated section. It's almost 5 bucks, but it is a gourmet dessert, made with high quality ingredients, so an occasional splurge is well worth it. It is a little bitter sweet though. I really like the Lemon tart.