Saturday, November 19, 2011

This Could Rival the Barf Bunnie's...

I am terribly disappointed in PEELU toothpaste. I paid way too much for the tube of toothpaste to begin with; bad sign? Maybe, but the reaction from the kids said it all. "Ugh yuck", I hear; coming from the other room. My son comes running in, saying "that is the worst toothpaste ever." I pondered for a moment, I have heard this once before when I previously purchased anise flavored toothpaste. I asked him why it was so horrible and he said it was because it had chunks in it and was a foul flavor. How could this be? I paid $9.99 for this tube of toothpaste (yes insert blinking lights behind me that say SUCKER). Almost ten bucks for a tube of toothpaste, that's at least a $181.76 a gallon, yikes. Here's the story of why I paid that much. I had just got back from the store, after a long day of work, with a commute of 26 minutes from the town I work in. When I got home to make dinner, my husband says"you forgot the toothpaste again, I am tired of brushing with baking soda." Crud, that means if I want fluoride free toothpaste I either have to make a trip into town or go to the local vitamin shop. The small town I live in, doesn't have any competition for health foods, and with only one small supplement store in town, their prices are beyond astronomical. I decided to opt for the local store, because by the time I paid for gas and the time it took me to get there, I would be out more than I would have to pay at the health food store. I had two or three options once I got into the store and I remembered that this store had a $10 and over policy if you used your card. Dang it I thought all I really need is toothpaste. If I bought the cheaper toothpaste ($6.00) I probably wouldn't be able to find anything else in the store that would keep it at $10. I decided to go for the Peelu. The guy checking me out (no not that kind of checking me out; although he did look rather deviant) says, "it's a different type of consistency, but I like it." Looking back at it now that should have tipped me off right away.

I decided to go against the kid's judgement and try it for myself. It looked ok, although it was a weird tan/brownish color. As soon as I stuck it in my mouth, I knew what he meant about chunks. It was almost globby/slimy. It had a very bad taste and as I continued to brush with it, getting back near my molars and tongue, I started to gag. It was a horrible taste. Not sure how to describe it. It was down right awful for lack of a better word. I did some research on this brand, and it is the most natural toothpaste on the market, containing fibers from the Siwak tree, which will help whiten and protect (hence the clumpy texture). After brushing I did notice that my teeth felt extremely clean and polished. I might have to see if the cinnamon would taste any better. I would have to look online though for a cheaper price though, if I decided to buy another flavor. I won't do peppermint again. Not sure if I can get passed the taste of this stuff, but I loved the clean feeling.


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