Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Got an Aging Feline?

Our little fuzzball is going on 17 yrs old. Seems like all she had the energy for doing was sleeping and eating. The minute she got up from her 10 hour naps, she was so stiff she could barely move. I experimented with several glucosamine supplements and formulas, but none seemed to work as good as Hip Flex by Overby Farms. The tart cherry nibs are formulated to reduce inflamation in your geriatric cat. Ever since we started giving Miss Annie her tart nibs it has increased her mobility greatly. Don't worry if you have a picky cat, my cat is queen finicky and she gobbles these up and begs for more. They are also nice and soft, easy to chew if your cat has missing teeth like mine does. This product is full of quality ingredients and can be purchased at specialty pet stores, health food stores, and ordered online through Amazon who has them at half price for the time being. They also make a canine formula.

WARNING: My cat suddenly started chasing the dog and jumping on top of the table after giving her these for a few days, so be warned it may give your cat a new lease on life.

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